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Modalities: Language in Action, Leadership Effectiveness, Meditation and Mindfulness, Personal Development, Team Building
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Cosmic Riff Learning

What makes the experience of being in being human? We suggest there are two aspects: the inner space of awareness which can only be directly encountered by the individual, and the space of language which is the social aspect and exists in the space between yourself and another. We offer courses that examine both perspectives.

Conversations for Success
Linguistically, we humans are “meaning making machines”; we interpret, we ascribe, we grant and give meaning to events of inner and outer phenomena through language. We live in language – as Heidegger said, “Language is the house of being.” There are two interpretations of language: the information data processing perspective, and the performative expressive view. This latter view, the language of action, is based on the commitments of promises, offers, requests, counter-offers, and declines. How we...